Saint Clair Area Fire Department

Monthly Statistics and Safety Tip

Monthly Statistics

Year to Date Service Responses:

666 (as of October 31, 2019)

Run Statistics for October 2019

Total Number of Runs: 70

Number of Responses by Type:

Emergency Medical Service:  52 (74.3%)

Fire:  16 (22.9%)

Vehicle Accidents: 2 (2.8%)

Note:  Fire data is inclusive of odor investigation, fire, smoke investigation, and related.

November Fire & Emergency Prevention Tip


Close Before You Doze

Because of synthetic materials, furniture, and construction, fire spreads faster than ever before. After a fire starts you may only have THREE MINUTES to reach safety compared to forty years ago when you HAD 17 minutes.  

A closed door may:

1. Stop a fire from growing and spreading 

2. Help keep smoke and heat out 

3. Help keep your home (and all your stuff) safe 

4. Keep the temperature down 

5. Save your life


Call 911 for Emergencies


The SCFD is on-call to respond to calls for assistance 24-hours a day x 365 days a year. If you need emergency assistance please call 911 and provide the dispatch center with the address of the emergency and information regarding the situation.

Administrative Offices and Hours

Fire Hall Location

The SCFD’s administrative offices are located in the heart of the City of Saint Clair at 216 Cass Street. While we are available to respond to calls for assistance at any time our fire hall is generally staffed during the week from Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm.  

Non-Emergency Contact


You may also contact us at our non-emergency phone number at 810-329-3360.

Welcome from the Fire Chief

On behalf of myself, the dedicated members of the Saint Clair Fire Department (SCFD), and their families we welcome you to our website. Our mission and goal for this forum is to provide valuable and timely information regarding our department, safety tips, and call statistics.


The SCFD is charged with the responsibility of providing professional and efficient fire suppression, emergency preparedness, emergency medical services, fire prevention, and public education to our community. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service in the most efficient manner possible; to constantly safeguard and preserve life and property against the elements of fire and disaster.  We accomplish this through effective preparation, training and education; and to respond to all emergencies in a safe and timely manner with sufficient resources to address the situation. 


Within this outstanding team, the SCFD is a key member in providing community safety. We accept and embrace this challenge with vigor and commitment. As the world evolves and the needs of our community changes, our mission has evolved to one that is not simply confined to “traditional” fire services. Therefore, our mission reflects a corresponding need for our fire department to think and operate in a more encompassing manner.


Chief Dave Westrick

Saint Clair Fire Department