Job Overview


Firefighters serving on the Saint Clair Fire Department are paid on-call volunteers.  Members are paid a set amount per call they attend based on qualifications, rank, etc. 

As a firefighter candidate, you will be required to complete an initial on the job training process including department knowledge, policies, procedures, apparatus and equipment knowledge, etc.  

Upon successful completion of the initial candidate training process you will be registered for the Saint Clair County Fire Chief's Association Fire Academy and a medical program based on the department's needs and your interest.  The cost of these training programs will be paid by the Department.

When the Probationary Firefighter successfully graduates from the fire academy, obtains a medical license, and completes all necessary training and knowledge requirements established by the Fire Chief the "probie" may obtain full firefighter status.

2019 SCFD Boat Race Crew

2019 SCFD Boat Race Crew

Are You Interested In Serving Your Community?

Selection Process

The selection process begins when you decide you would like to serve your community in a unique, challenging, and exciting way.  

The application can be downloaded below or you can stop by the fire hall during administrative hours to obtain a copy.  Please complete the application and return it along with copies of any applicable documents such as driver's license, training certifications, or medical licenses, etc.

Once your completed application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by the Hiring Committee and prospective candidates will be contacted for a panel interview.

During the panel interview you will meet with members of the Hiring Committee who will ask questions and obtain clarification on your desires, goals, training, work ethic, empathy, and other related skill sets and character traits necessary to be successful as a SCFD firefighter.

Those prospective candidates selected to proceed after the interview will be contacted and asked to complete a department-paid pre-employment health screening.  You will also be asked to provide a urine sample on-site to confirm you are not using illegal substances.

Upon successful completion of all the steps within the selection process we will contact you to complete the new hire paperwork and begin your exciting career in the fire service.


Download Application Here

SCFD Application 2018 (pdf)


Time Committment

SCFD firefghters during a weekly training evolution.

Department Training

Training is essential to learning and maintaining the necessary skills to do our job when called upon.  Weekly training is conducted on Tuesdays in the morning and evening for three hours.  The firefighter may choose which session best accommodates their schedule.

Run Attendance

Each member of the fire department must maintain a minimum of 25% call attendance measured quarterly.

Fire Academy

The county's fire academy is based on a national curriculum and meets Michigan's stringent requirements for lecture and practical skills time.  The academy generally starts in January with graduation in June although dates and times may vary.  The class meets two evenings per week for four hours plus every other Saturday.  

Cadets are exposed to a wide variety of topics including fire service history, building construction, rope and knot tying skills, equipment usage, etc.  Practical skills sessions help to ensure the cadet is comfortable with the skills learned and is able to apply them safely and properly when needed.

The Michigan firefighter certification process includes successful completion of the fire academy, passing a written knowledge exam, and passing all practical skills stations.

Work Details

In order to effectively serve our community we must ensure our equipment, apparatus, and station are ready for service.

As part of that mission we regularly test the equipment on each truck, clean the fire station, wash fire apparatus, and any number of other tasks that require our attention.  Again, the focus is to make sure all of our equipment is ready when needed.

Minimum Job Qualifications


Be at least 18 years of age

Have a high school diploma 

Have a satisfactory driving record

Have reliable transportatioh