Fire Hall / Station

Station One


This station serves as the administrative office and primary response apparatus are housed at this location on Cass Street in Saint Clair.

"Station Two"


This facility houses Fire Boats 1 &2 along with antique Engine 25.  This location is not staffed and is not considered an operational fire station.

Rescue Apparatus

Rescue One

Rescue 1

2004 Ford  Med/Tech Conversion Ambulance

Manufactured by Taylor Made Ambulance

Although the smallest vehicle in our fleet, Rescue One responds to over 500 EMS calls annually.  This apparatus carries a maximum of four crew members and emergency medical supplies including the Hurst eDraulic "Jaws of Life."

Squad One


2012 Ford 750 XLT Super Duty

Manufactured by Blue Diamond Trucks

Squad One is our heavy rescue vehicle and also doubles as our mobile command center when needed.  This apparatus carries a maximum of six crew members and contains 4 self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBAs).  Also included on this vehicle are Hurst eDraulic "Jaws of LIfe," heavy lifting rescue air bags, support jacks, chain saws, ventilation fans, elevated light tower, and 14 spare SCBA bottles.

Engine and Water Tankers

Engine One


2018 Rosenbauer Commander Series Pumper

1,000 gallons on water onboard / 1,500 gallons per minute pump capacity.

The newest vehicle in our fleet is our 1st Due engine for most fire calls and is equipped to operate as a mobile command center.  

Engine One's crew capacity is six including 4 firefighters, 1 engineer, and 1 crew chief.  There are seven SCBA units onboard along with Hurst eDraulic "Jaws of LIfe,."  This apparatus is more efficient, economical, and safer than Engine 32 which this unit replaced.

Water One


2005 American LaFrance with Freightliner Chasis

Manufactured by Becker Fire Equipment Company

2,500 gallons of water onboard / 2,000 gallons per minute maximum pump capacity.

This apparatus has a maximum crew capacity of two and carries 1,975 feet of hose along with four SCBA units.

Water One is our 2nd due engine and because some portions of our service area are not served by fire hydrants the SCFD must have the capacity to carry large volumes of water for firefighting capabilities.

Water Two


1984 Ford 8000 Chasis

Manufactured by CSI Emergency Apparatus

2,000 gallons of water onboard / 1,000 gallons per minute maximum pump capacity


This apparatus has a maximum crew capacity of two and carries 1,925 feet of hose along with four SCBA units.

Water Two is our 3rd due engine and is also used on Mutual Aid calls to assist neighboring departments.

 Water Two is also equipped with a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) and carries 25 gallons of Class A Foam.

Tower One


2003 E-One 95 foot Mid-Mount Platform Aerial

Tower One has a maximum crew capacity of four including 2 firefighters, one engineer, and one crew chief.

The 95 foot telescoping platform is accompanied by an additional 117 feet of ground ladders.  This apparatus carries six SCBA units and can pump a maximum of 2,000 gallons per minute.

Tower One was added to our fleet to accommodate the growing needs of our community with several commercial sites having heights of five stories or more.  Tower One's longest deployment on-scene was approximately 36 hours.

Specialty Appartus

Grass One


2002 Ford F450

Grass One is a dual rear wheel drive 4x4 with a wildland firefighing skid mounted water tank and pump package in the bed of the truck.  In addition to wildfire firefighting tools and equipment this truck carries 250 gallons of water.

Utility One


2013 Ford F250

This vehicle has many uses including bringing contaminated hose lines from a fire scene back to the fire station for washing.  

Boat One


21 foot Triton 150 horsepower vessel equipped with water pump for firefighting.

Boat Two


21 foot Mercury 15 horsepower inflatable vessel.

Grass Two


Polaris Ranger 700 Crew

This utility vehicle has a maximum crew capacity of six. 

Engine 25


1925 American LaFrance Model 38

This antique fire pumper truck was sold by the City in 1958 and was re-acquired by the Saint Clair Volunteer Firefighter's Association in 1982.  Since then the department members have restored Engine 25.